Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Panel 9

(DISSOLVE TO: Slow zoom/pan down to the base of tower to stop at sight of various dark figures walking slowly in and out along an enormous length of violently shaded red-gold-orange rug)

[MUSIC USED: "Steppinthrax Monastery" from the soundtrack of the Activision game Zork Nemesis]

Panel 8

(DISSOLVE TO: Slow pan in on one of the next-to-main towers, then start panning down tower as next dissolve begins)

[MUSIC USED: "Steppinthrax Monastery" from the soundtrack of the Activision game Zork Nemesis]

Panel 7

(ZOOM IN THROUGH FOILAGE TO: a bizarre fortress-castlelike structure located in the middle of nowhere in the jungle. While there is some form of dirt roadlike areas before it, there are otherwise no other signs of any other civilization. A peculiar reddish-orange glow emits from the inside of the open earth area surrounding the structure's base. Camera pauses for about three seconds to establish the structure's presence on screen, then begins to very slowly zoom in towards the structure. As slow zoom on structure begins, the soundtrack's music softly begins to fade into the background.)

[MUSIC USED: "Steppinthrax Monastery" from the soundtrack of the Activision game Zork Nemesis]

Panel 6

(Camera soon zooms in on a particularly large palm so large and dark that it's black and fills the screen; palm is whisked suddenly aside as camera zooms through/past it)

Panel 5

(Camera continues to move forward through foilage so thick that screen is nearly black; only the vague shadows of some particularly close palms can be occasionally seen)

Panel 4

(DISSOLVE TO: Camera slowly zooming forward through jungle foilage to dense to see through or to make out any specific details)

Panel 3

(PAN STOPS AT: wild jungle located in some distant isolated area. Distant hills and mountains can just barely be seen against the slight grey glow of the horizon)

Panel 2

(PAN SLOWLY AND CONTINUOUSLY DOWN TO: top of jungle foilage, continue panning downward)

Panel 1

(FADE IN TO: An extremely early morning sky with wisped clouds across it. There is only one small star visible and a soft grey glow to the horizon, indicating that in an hour or two the sun will begin to rise.)

This is, 4 the moment & in no particular order, the complete list of songs I have chosen 2 use 4 this story's soundtrack (tracks intended 2 be rewritten with new lyrics are marked with an asterix):

"Everybody! Shake it, Buddy! (theme from FAKE)" - KIX-S
"That Boy of Mine" - The Cover Girls
"Can't Fight This Feeling" - REO Speedwagon
"Promise Me" - The Cover Girls
"Yes, I'm ready" - Maureen McGovern
"You Take My Breath Away" - Rex Smith
"If You Leave" - OMD
"Rock Wit'Cha" - Bobby Brown *
"Nothing Looks The Same in The Light (remix)" - WHAM!
"You Should Hear How She Talks About You" - Melissa Manchester
"Dance Away (from the animated motion picture PROJECT A-KO)" - Annie Livingston
"More Love" - Kim Carnes
"I Wonder If I Take You Home" - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force
"What's Your Name?" - New Edition *
"Again" - The Night People
"Baby, I Just Wanna Love You" - Jonelle Allen
"Let's Give A Little More This Time" - Sergio Mendes
"She's Like The Wind" - Patrick Swayze *
"Is This Love" - Survivor
"Take Good Care Of My Heart" - Whitney Houston & Jermaine Jackson
"I Can Wait Forever" - Air Supply
"Can't Give Me Love" - Pepsi & Shirlie
"Magic" Olivia Newton-John
"Natsu No Intro (from PROJECT A-KO 2)" - Satomi Fukunaga
"Where Are you Tonight" - Tom Johnston
"Sweet Surrender" - Wet Wet Wet
"Suddenly" - Olivia Newton-John with Cliff Richards
"Magic" - Mick Smiley
"Do Wot You Do" - INXS
"I'll Always Love You" - Taylor Dayne
"Wishing I Was Lucky" - Wet Wet Wet
"Baby Love" - Regina *
"Diamonds" - Herb Alpert (featuring Janet Jackson) *
"Invitation To Dance (7" Mix)" - Kim Carnes
"You Are" - Lionel Richie
"Unchained Melody" - Righteous Brothers *
"Roni" - Bobby Brown *
"Countdown To Love" - The Fixx
"I Can Dream About You" - Dan Hartman
"Hungry Eyes" - Eric Carmen
"I Just Wanna Stop" - Gino Vannelli
"Don't Talk To Strangers" - Rick Springfield
"Cinderella Rhapsody (from PROJECT A-KO 3)" - Miki Ito, Emi Shinohara, Michie Tomizawa
"Yes" - Merry Clayton
"Love Is A Battlefield" - Pat Benatar
"Feels So Good" - Midnight Star
"Uwasa no Super Girl (from PROJECT A-KO 2)" - Miki Itou, Shinohara Emi, Tomizawa Michi
"You Mean More To Me" - Lionel Richie
"I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" - from Disney's motion picture HERCULES *
"All Night Long (All Night)" - Lionel Richie
"The Perfect One (from the motion picture TWO OF A KIND)" - Boz Scaggs
"Eternal Flame" - The Bangles
"A Dream Worth Keeping (from the motion picture FERN GULLY: THE LAST RAINFOREST)" - Sheena Easton
"Midnight Potpourri" - BABE
"The Sound of One Song" - Sergio Mendes
"Just A Whisper Away (from Walt Disney's classic BABES IN TOYLAND)" - Annette Funicello & Tommy Sands

The following tracks are what's been selected so far for the musical score:

"Dana's Theme" - GHOSTBUSTERS
"E.T. & Me (original MCA Records released version)" - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
"Luke & Leia (original RSO released version)" - Star Wars VI: The Return of The Jedi
"Hoshi No Romance (Instrumental)" - Project A-Ko 2
"Uwasa No Super Girl (Instrumental)" - Project A-Ko 2
"Kokoro Mo Jump Shite! (Instrumental)" - Project A-Ko 2
"Hoshi No Romance" - Project A-Ko 2
"Kyuukyokuno Mecha Gattai!" - Project A-Ko 2
"Daitokuji Papa" - Project A-Ko 2
"The Spy" - Project A-Ko 2
"Automaton - Natsukashino Kyuushiki Robot" - Project A-Ko 2
"Electric Mecha" - Project A-Ko 2
"Professional" - Project A-Ko 2
"Venus De Milo (from the motion picture UNDER THE CHERRY MOON)" - Prince & The Revolution
"Alexa De Paris (from the motion picture UNDER THE CHERRY MOON)" - Prince & The Revolution
"Midnight Potpourri (Instrumental)" - Project A-Ko 3
"Cinderella Rhapsody (Instrumental 1)" - Project A-Ko 3
"Cinderella Rhapsody (Instrumental 2)" - Project A-Ko 3
"Get A Chance (Instrumental 1)" - Project A-Ko 3
"Rapture of Kei-Sama" - Project A-Ko 3
"Twilight Jazz" - Project A-Ko 3
"Naporiporita Conductor" - Project A-Ko 3
"Space Ship Land March" - Project A-Ko 3
"Get A Chance (Instrumental 2)" - Project A-Ko 3
"ON THE AIR (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Bridge 1: Chance (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Lakeside (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Bridge 2: Murder (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Mysterious People 1 (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Mysterious People 2 (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Two Under The Moon (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohnoy
"FAKE Love Theme (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Rose Players (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Dee's Gall (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Henry's Secret (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Ryo's Question (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"GHOST (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Bridge 3: Terror (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"New Murder (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Roller Blade (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Players who ghost - JJ (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Evidence Discovered (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Ryo's Crisis (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Henry's Madness (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"JJ's Theme (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Starlight Heaven Theme (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"FAKE Love Theme: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Lakeside: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Two Under The Moon: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"New Murder: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Roller Blade: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"JJ's Theme: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Starlight Heaven: Instrumental (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Starlight Heaven: Karaoke (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno

Monday, September 1, 2008

Opening comments

Another little story I'm doing on the side simply 4 my own personal enjoyment & relaxation. It's a sequel 2 The Valley of The Jade Stars, my first adventure with Indiana Goof. This one tells what happened when I returned 2 Diz later on in 1985 2 visit Indy a second time.

It is being done storyboard style, meaning that I'm creating it entirely out of 30-second & 1-minute pencil quicksketches with all camera directions & dialogue (with the obvious except of a shot such as Panel 7, which took around 11 minutes in its entirety). The idea is simply 2 "toss out" the idea on2 paper as quickly as possible in order 2 record it, & I'm therefore deliberately ignoring my usual perfectionistic, let's-clean-up-everything-&-get-it-all-inked-precisely-as-it-should-appear-within-a-finished-publication procedure. The idea is 4 me 2 simple relax 4 a change & simply enjoy creating it without all the businesslike professionalistic gloss 4 once, & that's a genuinely rare oportunity 4 me these days!

4 anyone who may not happen to know: there really is an Indiana Goof. He was originally created by Bruno Sarda & artist Massimo De Vita & has become quite a well-known phenomenon in his own right in all Walt Disney comic magazine publications except those in English speaking countries (as he has only been introduced here about 3 times so far as 2 my knowledge). But those in English speaking countries like myself who have encountered here absolutely adore him. U go, Indiana. ;)In other countries he has been known as Indiana Pipps, Indiana Ding, etc.

LEGAL NOTE: This work is a Disney-based side project that, except 4 the characters & settings mentioned, is otherwise the sole personal property of myself, The Artist & writer of the work in question, & cannot be reproduced, copied, or otherwise used without my sole personal permission. Thank you. ;)