Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is, 4 the moment & in no particular order, the complete list of songs I have chosen 2 use 4 this story's soundtrack (tracks intended 2 be rewritten with new lyrics are marked with an asterix):

"Everybody! Shake it, Buddy! (theme from FAKE)" - KIX-S
"That Boy of Mine" - The Cover Girls
"Can't Fight This Feeling" - REO Speedwagon
"Promise Me" - The Cover Girls
"Yes, I'm ready" - Maureen McGovern
"You Take My Breath Away" - Rex Smith
"If You Leave" - OMD
"Rock Wit'Cha" - Bobby Brown *
"Nothing Looks The Same in The Light (remix)" - WHAM!
"You Should Hear How She Talks About You" - Melissa Manchester
"Dance Away (from the animated motion picture PROJECT A-KO)" - Annie Livingston
"More Love" - Kim Carnes
"I Wonder If I Take You Home" - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force
"What's Your Name?" - New Edition *
"Again" - The Night People
"Baby, I Just Wanna Love You" - Jonelle Allen
"Let's Give A Little More This Time" - Sergio Mendes
"She's Like The Wind" - Patrick Swayze *
"Is This Love" - Survivor
"Take Good Care Of My Heart" - Whitney Houston & Jermaine Jackson
"I Can Wait Forever" - Air Supply
"Can't Give Me Love" - Pepsi & Shirlie
"Magic" Olivia Newton-John
"Natsu No Intro (from PROJECT A-KO 2)" - Satomi Fukunaga
"Where Are you Tonight" - Tom Johnston
"Sweet Surrender" - Wet Wet Wet
"Suddenly" - Olivia Newton-John with Cliff Richards
"Magic" - Mick Smiley
"Do Wot You Do" - INXS
"I'll Always Love You" - Taylor Dayne
"Wishing I Was Lucky" - Wet Wet Wet
"Baby Love" - Regina *
"Diamonds" - Herb Alpert (featuring Janet Jackson) *
"Invitation To Dance (7" Mix)" - Kim Carnes
"You Are" - Lionel Richie
"Unchained Melody" - Righteous Brothers *
"Roni" - Bobby Brown *
"Countdown To Love" - The Fixx
"I Can Dream About You" - Dan Hartman
"Hungry Eyes" - Eric Carmen
"I Just Wanna Stop" - Gino Vannelli
"Don't Talk To Strangers" - Rick Springfield
"Cinderella Rhapsody (from PROJECT A-KO 3)" - Miki Ito, Emi Shinohara, Michie Tomizawa
"Yes" - Merry Clayton
"Love Is A Battlefield" - Pat Benatar
"Feels So Good" - Midnight Star
"Uwasa no Super Girl (from PROJECT A-KO 2)" - Miki Itou, Shinohara Emi, Tomizawa Michi
"You Mean More To Me" - Lionel Richie
"I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" - from Disney's motion picture HERCULES *
"All Night Long (All Night)" - Lionel Richie
"The Perfect One (from the motion picture TWO OF A KIND)" - Boz Scaggs
"Eternal Flame" - The Bangles
"A Dream Worth Keeping (from the motion picture FERN GULLY: THE LAST RAINFOREST)" - Sheena Easton
"Midnight Potpourri" - BABE
"The Sound of One Song" - Sergio Mendes
"Just A Whisper Away (from Walt Disney's classic BABES IN TOYLAND)" - Annette Funicello & Tommy Sands

The following tracks are what's been selected so far for the musical score:

"Dana's Theme" - GHOSTBUSTERS
"E.T. & Me (original MCA Records released version)" - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
"Luke & Leia (original RSO released version)" - Star Wars VI: The Return of The Jedi
"Hoshi No Romance (Instrumental)" - Project A-Ko 2
"Uwasa No Super Girl (Instrumental)" - Project A-Ko 2
"Kokoro Mo Jump Shite! (Instrumental)" - Project A-Ko 2
"Hoshi No Romance" - Project A-Ko 2
"Kyuukyokuno Mecha Gattai!" - Project A-Ko 2
"Daitokuji Papa" - Project A-Ko 2
"The Spy" - Project A-Ko 2
"Automaton - Natsukashino Kyuushiki Robot" - Project A-Ko 2
"Electric Mecha" - Project A-Ko 2
"Professional" - Project A-Ko 2
"Venus De Milo (from the motion picture UNDER THE CHERRY MOON)" - Prince & The Revolution
"Alexa De Paris (from the motion picture UNDER THE CHERRY MOON)" - Prince & The Revolution
"Midnight Potpourri (Instrumental)" - Project A-Ko 3
"Cinderella Rhapsody (Instrumental 1)" - Project A-Ko 3
"Cinderella Rhapsody (Instrumental 2)" - Project A-Ko 3
"Get A Chance (Instrumental 1)" - Project A-Ko 3
"Rapture of Kei-Sama" - Project A-Ko 3
"Twilight Jazz" - Project A-Ko 3
"Naporiporita Conductor" - Project A-Ko 3
"Space Ship Land March" - Project A-Ko 3
"Get A Chance (Instrumental 2)" - Project A-Ko 3
"ON THE AIR (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Bridge 1: Chance (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Lakeside (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Bridge 2: Murder (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Mysterious People 1 (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Mysterious People 2 (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Two Under The Moon (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohnoy
"FAKE Love Theme (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Rose Players (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Dee's Gall (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Henry's Secret (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Ryo's Question (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"GHOST (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Bridge 3: Terror (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"New Murder (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Roller Blade (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Players who ghost - JJ (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Evidence Discovered (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Ryo's Crisis (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Henry's Madness (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"JJ's Theme (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Starlight Heaven Theme (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"FAKE Love Theme: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Lakeside: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Two Under The Moon: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"New Murder: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Roller Blade: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"JJ's Theme: Long Version (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Starlight Heaven: Instrumental (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno
"Starlight Heaven: Karaoke (from FAKE)" - Katsuo Ohno