Monday, September 1, 2008

Opening comments

Another little story I'm doing on the side simply 4 my own personal enjoyment & relaxation. It's a sequel 2 The Valley of The Jade Stars, my first adventure with Indiana Goof. This one tells what happened when I returned 2 Diz later on in 1985 2 visit Indy a second time.

It is being done storyboard style, meaning that I'm creating it entirely out of 30-second & 1-minute pencil quicksketches with all camera directions & dialogue (with the obvious except of a shot such as Panel 7, which took around 11 minutes in its entirety). The idea is simply 2 "toss out" the idea on2 paper as quickly as possible in order 2 record it, & I'm therefore deliberately ignoring my usual perfectionistic, let's-clean-up-everything-&-get-it-all-inked-precisely-as-it-should-appear-within-a-finished-publication procedure. The idea is 4 me 2 simple relax 4 a change & simply enjoy creating it without all the businesslike professionalistic gloss 4 once, & that's a genuinely rare oportunity 4 me these days!

4 anyone who may not happen to know: there really is an Indiana Goof. He was originally created by Bruno Sarda & artist Massimo De Vita & has become quite a well-known phenomenon in his own right in all Walt Disney comic magazine publications except those in English speaking countries (as he has only been introduced here about 3 times so far as 2 my knowledge). But those in English speaking countries like myself who have encountered here absolutely adore him. U go, Indiana. ;)In other countries he has been known as Indiana Pipps, Indiana Ding, etc.

LEGAL NOTE: This work is a Disney-based side project that, except 4 the characters & settings mentioned, is otherwise the sole personal property of myself, The Artist & writer of the work in question, & cannot be reproduced, copied, or otherwise used without my sole personal permission. Thank you. ;)